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Malfunction Junction Ticket

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As you complete this Help Desk Ticket,
.....1. Describe in detail the problem that you are experiencing.
.....2. After submitting a ticket, it is your responsibility to bring your full unit (w/ power cord) to the Malfunction Junction Support Center between 7:15 - 7:40 AM.
.....3. Be sure to use your district gmail "@bubblers.us" address. Do not return to pick-up your computer, until 1:20 PM on the day that the Technicians contact you using @bubblers.us mailbox to tell you that your unit is ready! When emailed, pick your unit up right away!
Note: Showing that email to a teacher serves as your hall pass to the Malfunction Junction Support Center at 1:20.
.....4. Be sure to bring back the entire Loaner Unit in good condition, in exchange for your repaired unit.

Malfunction Junction Ticket
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