Work Permits/Opportunities

UPDATED FOR SPRING 2020 - How to Obtain a Work Permit:
Please complete the work permit application (highlighted areas) and return it, along with a copy of the student's birth certificate, driver's license, or passport to Mrs. Jaymes at  A work permit will be processed and sent to your home address. 

How to Obtain a Work Permit:

1. Any student age 14 - 17 needs to contact the high school counseling office to request an application for work permit.
2. A parent/guardian must sign the work permit application. However, no parental signature is required if the applicant is a minor and has proof of graduation from high school.
3. Parents do not have to appear in person before the issuing officer. Proof of age must be presented to the issuing officer, i.e., birth certificate, driver’s permit or driver’s license, passport, military I.D.
4. The issuing officer fills out the work permit by issuing a number, recording the date of issuance, and signing the work permit. The work permit must be signed by the student as well.
5. The work permit will apply to all minors age 14 – 17 and can be used for more than one employer. The employer makes a copy of the work permit for their file, and the original work permit MUST be returned to the minor student.

A parent / guardian may also come into the high school counseling office between the hours of 7:00 am – 3:00 pm.

Job Opportunities: