1:1 Blended Learning

Why 1:1?

The South Middleton School District is committed to creating a 21st century learning environment to provide equitable access to technology that will aid our students in becoming self-directed learners, problem solvers, collaborative team players, and information producers as well as information consumers. Providing students and staff with a 21st century digital learning environment is part of the South Middleton School District core values.

One-to-One computing initiatives can help facilitate the transition in schools from occasional, supplemental use of computers for instruction to more frequent, integral use of technology across a multitude of settings using the same learning platform. Ubiquitous, 24/7 access makes it possible for students to access a wider array of resources to support their learning, to communicate with peers and their teachers, and to become fluent in their use of the technological tools of the 21st century workplace.


  • Students will increase proficiency in 21st century skills: 4 C's- critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity; digital literacy skills; application of content knowledge and application; and life and career skills including global education and connections.
  • Teachers and students will increase engagement through the use of student-centered, problem-based learning strategies that align with real-world workplace tasks.
  • Teacher and student technology skills will improve as technology is utilized as a ubiquitous teaching and learning tool.
  • Teachers will increase differentiation and learning will be more customized to each student through the use of technology.


The vision is for each Boiling Springs High School student to receive a laptop computer. These students will keep the laptop throughout their high school career. The students will use the laptop for online resources for completing coursework, submitting assignments, and conducting research. Students will be empowered to successfully explore, analyze and share knowledge globally through innovation and creativity.

The laptop carts at the high school would be repurposed for use at Yellow Breeches Middle School. Currently, YBMS has 4 laptop carts, with the addition from the high school; YBMS would have a laptop cart to equip core content classrooms. This creates a computing model of a laptop for each student in all core content classrooms.

Teacher Readiness

The District will provide resource and training to assist teachers in using technology to engage students and enhance learning using innovative activities that require the use of new tools and paradigms. Boiling Springs High School teaching staff will be provided the opportunity to attend what is being titled Blended Learning Institutes. During the months of July and August, teaching staff will attend a series of trainings over a three day time frame.

Funding Options

For many years, South Middleton School District has used a five year computer replacement cycle. The replacement computer annual budget line item will remain level funded at $210,000.00. To fund a One-to-One computing initiative through purchasing and owning the computers, an increase in the annual technology budget line item will be needed.

A better funding option to purchasing and owning the computers is leasing. Technology financing or leasing has become a more efficient method to fund this initiative. With a straight lease, a district pays for equipment for a specified time and then returns it. By choosing this method, the district is able to use the allotted budget line item of $210,000.00 without having to increase funds in the 2105-16 annual budget. Depending on the choice of the computer, it is estimated that $128,000.00 would be taken from the already designated technology budget line item for computer replacements. This option permits additional technology to be purchased based on the computer replacement cycle. This funding option permits the district to move ahead with the One-to-One computing initiative without adding additional cost to the 2015-16 Annual Budget.