Le Cercle Français

 Le Cercle Français was created in 2008 to provide students with opportunities to practice the French language outside of the classroom.  Knowledge of the French culture may also be expanded though the discussion and celebration of French holidays and participation in French games such as pétanque and Mille Bornes, and Loup-Garou.  Additional activities may include out of school excursions to local attractions, including French films and restaurants.  The club may also participate in a variety of competitions with the Spanish Club.

    Le Cercle Français is open to all students who are currently studying or who have studied French at Boiling Springs High School.  This years activities will emphasize speaking practice in the target language.  Interested students should speak with Mrs. Bailey in room 400.  The French Club meets in room 400 during resource according to the resource schedule posted in the classrooms.