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Earth Science Web Links  

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Explore Learning: Gizmos

Chapter 1 & 2:  Earth as a System and the Scientific Method

Understanding Science: how science really works
Eco-Footprint                        Google Form For Responses  
My Carbon Footprint
My Environment
Earthshots Website Google Doc Worksheet

1988 Yellowstone Fires Project              Satellite Image Files
            Background Information
Searing Summer - Historic 1988 Yellowstone Fires Video       Alternate Video Source
New York Times: Story Behind the Yellowstone Fires             Alternate Video Source
NASA: Landsat Images of Fires and Background Information
National Park Service: History of Wildland Fires in Yellowstone
Burn Recovery in Yellowstone         1   2

Stranger in Paradise Exercise        Image File

Earth on File - Carbon Cycle Activity

Chapter 2 & 3: Maps and Models

Introduction to Google Earth
Making a Topographic Profile
Earthshots: Mt St Helens

Chapter 4 & 5: Atoms to Minerals

Virtual Mineral Identification

Chapter 6: Rocks

Interactives: Rock Cycle
Rocks and the Rock Cycle
Geological Society: The Rock Cycle
Igenous Rock Identification
Sedimentary Rock Identification
Metamorphic Rock Identfication

Chapter 14: Weathering, Soils, and Mass Movement

Online Weathering and Erosion Activity     Wequest Submission Form
Soil Erosion Online Lab      Soil Erosion Online Lab Worksheet

Chapter 15 & 16: Surface Water and Groundwater 

Virtual River Labs: Discharge and Flooding
Weekly Drought Index Map for United States
Stream Erosion and Deposition Virtual Investigation 
How Does Soil Type Affect the Movement of Groundwater?    Worksheet

Chapter 10: Plate Tectonics
Investigating Earthquakes through Regional Seismosity
Pennsylvania Seismicity
Kepler's Laws Gizmo 

Solar System
Lunar Phases
Voyage to the Planets Episode 1
Voyage to the Planets Episode 2

Sun and Stars
H-R Diagram Online Activity
Star Spectra Gizmo
H-R Diagram Gizmo
Build Your Own Star Online Activity
ASPIRE Star Life Cycle Online Activity

Maps, Satellite Imagery and Aerial Photography Links
Topographic Profile Activity
Remote Sensing Primer
Connecticut Remote Sensing Project

Sunlight and Seasons Activity Links
Earth-Sun Relations
Reason for the Seasons Description
Times of Equinoxes and Solstices


Astronomy Links
The "8" Planets:  Formerly Nine Planets
Astro-Venture: NASA Astrobiology

Oceanography Links
Datastreme Ocean

Environmental Science Links
Earthshots- Environmental Changes
Build Your Own Star
Retrograde Motion Demo  2
Kepler Exoplanet Transit Hunt
Kepler's Laws Applet
The King of Tides - Moon Webquest
H R Diagram Online Activity

Great Reduce / Reuse / Recycle Craft Link!  Thank you, Claire Martin!!

Meteorology Links
My-Cast Personal Weather Forecasts
Worldwide Weather Cams
Virtual Weather Map Room
AMS- Datastreme Project

Atmosphere Design Lab