La Société Honoraire de Français

SHF logo"L'homme qui sait deux langues en vaut deux!"

La Société Honoraire de Français is an academic honor society established by the American Association of Teachers of French designed to honor the academic achievement of French language scholars and promote the study of the francophone culture.  The Boiling Springs High School chapter of La Société Honoraire de Français was established by the World Language Department in January 2009.  Induction of new members occurs each March. 

Listed below are the requirements for induction into the SHF...
  •   I am a freshman, sophomore, or junior.
  •   I have already completed or I am currently enrolled in French III.
  •   I intend to complete French IV or higher.
  •   I am / was enrolled in a French course this school year.
  •   I have a minimum 93% unweighted cumulative average of all French  courses completed from French I to the present.  I have reviewed my MMS grade book and previous report cards to verify this average.
  •   I have a minimum 85% unweighted cumulative average of all completed high school courses.  I have reviewed my MMS grade book and previous report cards to verify this average.
  •   I have a behavioral record free from suspension, academic dishonesty, and/or a pattern of inappropriate behavior.

    *If you do not meet all of the above requirements, including seniors, you may still be considered for membership.  Please explain your situation in the designated section of the application.

    **Transfer students will need to show proof of membership in SHF from another school or meet all of the above requirements and have completed at least on French course at BSHS.

  • Once accepted to La Société Honoraire de Français, students must...
    1.  Maintain a 90% cumulative average in all French courses,
    2.  Maintain an 85% cumulative average in all non-French high school courses,
    3.  Participate in meetings and activities of the honor society,
    4.  Attend induction ceremony for new members of the honor society,
    5.  Participate in the National French exam when it is offered,
    6.  Maintain a behavioral record free from detentions, suspensions, or academic dishonesty,
    7.  Meet all deadlines and pay all required dues,
    8.  Complete an annual language and service requirement (see below),
    9.  Complete through at least French IV.

  Application Process:
  1. The application will be available in January 2018 on this website.
  2. The completed application must be submitted in person to Mrs Bailey in Room 400 no later than Friday, February 2, 2018 @ 3:00 pm.
  3. The Honor Society Advisors will review each application and share with the World Language Department for a decision if necessary.
  4. The Honor Society Advisors will notify each applicant in writing of the decision in mid-February.
  5. A mandatory practice will be held during Resource in early March on a date to be determined.
  6. A mandatory induction ceremony will be held during block 1 in early March.  A light reception will follow in the cafeteria.
The application period is now closed.  To apply for membership to the SHF, please return in January 2018 to download the attached application.