Why is the district issuing laptops to students?

First and foremost, this program is an instructional initiative. The recommendation to launch a high school 1:1 student laptop program was reached after consideration by a high school blended learning committee, comprised of teachers, administrators, and school board members. Our vision is committed to creating a 21st century learning environment to provide equitable access to technology that will aid our students in becoming self-directed learners, collaborative team players, and information producers as well as information consumers. Providing students and staff with a 21st century digital learning environment is part of the South Middleton School District core values.

What grades are participating?

Boiling Springs High School students in grade 9 through 12 will receive a district issued laptop.

When will the laptops be issued?

The Board of School Directors approved a final budget on June 15, 2015. This approval initiates the implementation for all students in grades 9 through 12 for the start of the 2015-16 school year.

May students opt out of the program?

Just as students are required to use classroom textbooks and print material, lab equipment, and other instructional resources, all students will need a laptop issued from the school or still have the option under the official"Bring Your Own Technology" program to be a successful and prepared participant in our school.

1:1 Participation Waiver.

May students leave the computer at school at night?

The 1:1 laptop program is a concerted effort to extend learning past the walled classroom boundaries. However, we do understand that for practical reasons, a student may need to leave the laptop in school. Students may leave the laptop in the locker at the end of the school day. Note that the student will need to make charging arrangements; there are no power outlets in lockers.

Who owns the computer?

The laptop is the property of South Middleton School District and on loan to the students, just like textbooks and other learning materials. Students are expected to care for the laptop as they do for other district issued school supplies and materials.

If I withdrawal my child, what must I do?

If you withdraw your child from school officially, you must return the laptop, charger, and laptop case to Boiling Springs High School. If the laptop and accessories are not returned, South Middleton School District will contact the appropriate law enforcement authorities to recover the district-owned device.

Are students and families responsible for the laptops?

Yes. Our students are worthy of our trust; we trust that they will act responsibly and maturely with such important personal learning devices. Students will be responsible for the care, security, and safety of the laptops. Laptops are to be carried in the district issued case to and from all classes and secured in lockers when not in use.

What if the laptop is damaged?

We ask our students to treat the laptop with care and respect. Parents and students will be required to pay a maintenance fee of $15.00. In addition, students and parents will be held fiscally accountable for damage or loss of the laptop both on and off school grounds.

Any damage to the laptop must be reported immediately to the Technology Department no later than the next school day. The Technology Department will arrange for repair and a loaner as needed. The parent/student is responsible for all accidental damages to the district issued laptops and will be subject to a cost of repair or replacement of up to $250.00, which is the amount of our deductible. Parents/students will be accountable for all repair/replacement costs due to willful and intentional damage to district issued laptops. The deductible does not apply to purposeful damage. These charges could be up to $500.00.

Will the laptop go home over the summer?

No. District issued student laptops will be collected at the end of the school year for summer upgrades, service, and maintenance. The laptop will be reissued to your child at the start of the next school year.

May I purchase the laptop when my child graduates?

Not currently. The district is leasing the laptops.

Frequently Asked Questions - 1:1 Technology and Laptop

What device will students receive?

Students will be receiving a HP ProBook 11 Custom SKU. Specifications include an 11.6 LED HD SVA Antiglare Flat screen, keyboard, Intel Core i3, 6+ hour battery, and Windows 8.1.

Will the district provide home Internet access?

No. The 1:1 program provides Internet access in the high school. Students may connect district-issued laptops to home networks or public WiFi provided they seek parental approval. For students who do not have Internet access, Comcast’s Internet Essentials program provides broadband Internet for less than $10.00 a month. Details are available at http://www.internetessentials.com or call 1-855-846-8376.

Will the district prevent access to inappropriate websites?

Yes. Student laptops will be configured to use the district web-filter in the district. The district is in the process of reviewing filtering options for the when the laptop is off school grounds. Keep in mind that no filtering technology is 100%. The best filter continues to be a parent or guardian. We encourage you to talk with your child and be aware of his or her online activities.

May I use my own laptop bag or case?

No. Students should be using their district issued laptop case at all times.

Are students expected to bring the laptop every day?

Yes. Students are responsible for bringing their charged laptop and power adapter to school every day.

May I decorate or customize the laptop or case?

No. Laptops or carrying cases returned that are decorated with stickers or markings will be considered vandalized. There will be associated cost to restore the laptop or case to its original condition.


What do I do if my laptop is not working properly?

Each morning there will be a designated location that a student may bring their laptop to a member of the Technology Department or complete a student help desk ticket. If the laptop is in need of repair, a loaner laptop will be given to you until the other one is returned.

Under no circumstances should you or anyone else take the computer to a third party for repair or assistance. District personnel are the only individuals who should attempt to repair on the laptop.

Malfunction Junction Troubleshooting
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